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Tidewater Transit is an industry leader in liquid and dry bulk transportation. Our commitment to safety and product stewardship is guided by the principles of Responsible Care and the Responsible Care Management System. The employees of Tidewater Transit are committed to the safe and dependable service that is required of an industry leader.

Why Drivers Love Tidewater:

I really enjoy what I do. Tidewater has taken an interest in ME, and I'm able to do certain things with my family because of them.
-Errol G. | Driver Trainer for Tidewater Transit

Why Drive for Tidewater Transit?


You'll Get a Safety First Culture

We know that the most important trip for a driver is the trip home.
Tidewater Transit is committed to the safety of our employees and the public as well as the integrity of the products we transport.

You (And Your Family) Are Cared For

We'll let our reviews speak for themselves. We truly care for our drivers and their families. We host holiday parties, company-wide events and more.

You'll Always Be Busy

We can guarantee you miles! That means a great opportunity for high pay to support your life and your family life.

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